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Community service
at Aarohan NGO

Mindscape volunteers engage in community service activities with Aarohan NGO, supporting children from underprivileged backgrounds. They assist in inclusive events, workshops, and awareness campaigns, promoting acceptance and empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Career counseling workshops and providing listening sessions to women who learn knitting and stitching at the centre are some of the initiatives that are taken over by the volunteers from Mindscape

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SEL sessions
with Ummeed NGO

Volunteers at Mindscape conduct Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) sessions at Ummeed NGO, empowering underprivileged children with essential life skills, emotional resilience, and positive social interactions for a brighter future.

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Psychoeducative workshops at
Jamghat Boys and Girls home

Mindscape organizes psychoeducative workshops at Jamghat Boys and Girls home, providing knowledge and tools to enhance emotional well-being. Volunteers facilitate interactive sessions on self-care, coping skills, and self-expression, fostering a nurturing environment for vulnerable youth.

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Be the Change

Mental Health of College Students
with Youth Action Hub Organisation

Mindscape collaborated with Youth Action Hub Organisation to address the mental health needs of college students. We conducted awareness campaigns, delivered talks, and provided guidance on stress management, emotional resilience, and seeking support, promoting a mentally healthy campus community.
Pride and prejudice
Engage, Serve, Inspire

Pride & Prejudice 2.0 Workshop

Mindscape organized an online workshop series – Pride & Prejudice – in June to celebrate Pride Month and raise awareness about Queer Identities. An engaging panel discussion was a key highlight of the event, with queer panelists sharing their experiences to provide participants with the information to develop a nuanced understanding of queer lives.

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