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What is the difference between psychiatrist, psychologist and psychotherapist

Psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has specialized in psychiatry (MD Psychiatry). They can diagnose severe mental health issues such as clinical depression, schizophrenia, etc. and prescribe necessary medication for treatment of the mental disorder.. Psychiatrists might also provide therapy, but they usually refer their patients to psychologists for therapy.
Psychologists are trained professionals in the field of psychology and have done a Masters, MPhil, PhD in Psychology. Clinical Psychologists who are registered with the Rehabilitation Council of India are qualified to diagnose mental health issues and provide counseling. However, psychologists cannot prescribe any medication.
Psychotherapists are trained professionals who hold a Masters or equivalent in psychotherapy, and have practiced supervised psychotherapy. Psychotherapists also provided therapy sessions for clients dealing with stress, relationship issues, adjustment issues, emotional difficulties, anxiety, depression etc.

When should I consider therapy?

Therapy can help you deal with a wide range of situations. You can opt for therapy if you’re undergoing any of the following challenges:
1. Feeling overwhelmed with prolonged sense of sadness.
2. Experiencing feelings of hopelessness.
3. Experiencing stress, anxiety, fears or phobias.
4. Facing emotional difficulties across various areas of life.
5. Experiencing difficulties with day to day functioning.
6. Facing issues related to interpersonal relationships.
7. Finding it difficult to cope on your own.
8. Just need someone with whom to talk about challenges faced.

I am not sure if what I’m facing is bad enough to seek therapy. What do I do?

The problems and challenges faced by people cannot be characterized as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Even if you feel the challenges faced by you are not severe, therapy can help you build on your strengths and equip you with skills. Additionally, it is better to deal with the challenges faced at the earliest, instead of waiting for them to get worse.

What can I expect from therapy?

Therapy comprises a partnership or alliance between the client and a professional who is trained to assist people with understanding their feelings and modifying behaviours. Therapy also empowers the client to deal with their challenges and difficulties in a more efficient manner. Therapy involves dealing with your feelings, emotions, thoughts, behaviors and stressors. Thus, it might not always make you feel better. Therapy is a journey to self awareness, healing and recovery and it could be a bumpy one. The overall aim of therapy is to collaboratively work on your goals towards a better mental health.

What happens in a therapy session?

During a therapy session, the therapist will ask you certain questions to better understand the challenges faced by you. There will also be certain assessments and evaluations to understand these challenges better, and to plan the treatment. The therapy session also involves collaboration between you and the therapist to develop therapy goals.

What are therapeutic approaches that are provided at Mindscape?

Based on the client needs and nature of disorders, the following therapeutic interventions are used:
1. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.
2. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy/Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.
3. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.
4. Family Systems Therapy.
5. Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy.
6. Motivational Enhancement Therapy.
Therapy specialized for children:
1. Behaviour Modification.
2. Parent Child Interaction Therapy.

How can I prepare myself for the first therapy session?

Some people prefer having a note of things they want to discuss during the session. However, there is no formal preparation required for your first therapy session.

How long will therapy go on for? How often are the sessions scheduled?

There are various factors which determine the length of the therapy period and the number of sessions required. This includes the intensity and severity of the issues faced, the therapeutic approach being implemented and your specific needs. For instance, if there is an urgent requirement or a crisis situation, sessions are scheduled once or twice a week. Once the crisis period is over, the sessions can be scheduled fortnightly or even monthly. Even after the termination of therapy, follow-up sessions can be scheduled to assess the effectiveness of therapy.

What would I be required to do outside of the therapy sessions?

Based on the therapy goals that have been outlined, the therapist might also give you homework or exercises which will help you practice the skills that have been discussed during the sessions. These exercises will allow you to adopt these healthy behaviours and skills outside of the therapy context into your daily life.

Are therapy sessions completely confidential?

Confidentiality is maintained throughout the therapy sessions and anything discussed during the sessions remains confidential between the client and the therapist, and the information is not shared with anyone. However, there are certain circumstances where this confidentiality can be breached for your own safety and that of others.

What are the services provided at Mindscape?

At Mindscape we provide the following range of services:
1. Psychological Assessment.
2.Individual Psychotherapy.
3.Marital Therapy/Couples Counselling.
4.Family Therapy.
5. Career Counselling.
6. Clinical Hypnotherapy.
7. Online Counselling..
8. Corporate Wellness Programs..
9. School Mental Health Programs.
10. Trainings and Workshops for Professionals and Students.
11. Statistical Consultations for Research Scholars.
12. Alcohol/Substance Use Addiction Management.
13. Parent Child Relationship Services.

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