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We provide comprehensive training programs designed to equip individuals with essential counseling skills. Whether you are a beginner interested in pursuing a counseling career or seeking to enhance your interpersonal communication skills, our training will provide you with the knowledge and tools to make a positive impact.

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Training Modules

Attentive client focus, keen observation, effective session steps, and presence skills, Master the art of impactful counseling with us

Listening Sessions

Experience the power of our unique Triad Listening Sessions, where you’ll engage in active listening, empathic communication, and collaborative exploration for transformative client interactions


Benefit from group supervision, where you’ll receive guidance, feedback, and support from experienced professionals, enhancing your growth and skill development as a counselor


Apply your learning in real-world scenarios through practical application exercises, honing your counseling skills and building confidence in your ability to make a positive impact on others


Basic Counseling Skills Training Manual Worth Rs. 1999/- free of cost

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Generally Asked Questions.

Enhance your ability to provide effective counseling & listening support with our comprehensive training program. Conduct listening sessions and start your journey with us, today.

What is Basic Counseling Skills Training ?

Basic Counseling Skills Training is a program that aims to equip individuals with the foundational skills and knowledge needed to provide effective counseling support to others. It focuses on developing listening, empathy, and problem-solving abilities.

Who can benefit from Basic Counseling Skills Training (BCST)?

BCST is beneficial for a wide range of individuals, including aspiring counselors, therapists, social workers, educators, healthcare professionals, managers, and anyone interested in enhancing their listening and supportive skills.

What topics are typically covered in a basic counseling skills training program?

Topics covered may include self reflection as a counselor, ethics of counseling practice, attending actively, empathy, observation of client behavior, key skills of listening, 5 stage model of counseling & much more.

Is prior experience required to enroll in Basic Counseling Skills Training (BCST)?

No prior experience is required for the training program. This program is designed to provide foundational knowledge and skills, making them suitable for beginners.

Can I practice counseling skills during the training program?

No, Basic Counseling Skills Training (BCST) incorporates interactive exercises, role-plays, and case studies to provide opportunities for participants to practice and develop their counseling skills in a supportive environment, but for practicing as a counseling psychologist you need to have completed your Masters and for a clinical psychologist, you have to complete your M.Phil from an RCI registered institute.

Will I receive a certification upon completion of the program?

Yes, a certificate of completion or participation, will be provided upon meeting specific requirements.

Can Basic Counseling Skills Training (BCST) be done online?

Yes, a certificate of completion or participation, will be provid Yes, Basic Counseling Skills Training (BCST) is available online, allowing participants to learn from anywhere with an internet connection. We provide interactive modules, and virtual practice opportunities.ed upon meeting specific requirements.

How can Basic Counseling Skills Training (BCST) benefit me personally and professionally?

Basic Counseling Skills Training (BCST) can enhance your communication and interpersonal skills, allowing you to build stronger relationships, improve emotional support, and become more effective in personal and professional settings that require listening and problem-solving abilities.

What are the next steps after completing Basic Counseling Skills Training (BCST)?

After completing a Basic Counseling Skills Training (BCST), you may consider Advanced Counseling Skills Training (ACST). We also provide trainees, who have performed well and exhibited required skills to practice as a listener with Mindscape’s Here to Hear Service and conduct sessions under supervision.


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