On Being Ethical – One Day Workshop


This 3 Hrs. workshop will equip you with the skills of managing risks and ethical dilemmas, that may come up in therapy sessions, while remaining compassionate and involved with your clients.

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It is an inevitable outcome of practicing as a mental health professional, to face such ethical dilemmas. Upholding ethical principles is an integral feature for a successful career as a psychologist, social worker, counselor, or any other mental health practitioner. And thinking positively about ethics by aspiring to the highest professional standards should always guide our actions.

However, despite striving to be responsible and competent, uncertainties are bound to arise. To tackle off such problematic situations before they have a chance to materialize, Mindscape is bringing forth an extensive

1 Day Workshop- On Being Ethical

Through this workshop, we aim at equipping you to identify situations that indicate potential trouble and equip you with the skills to manage risks and dilemmas, while remaining compassionate and involved with your clients.

Why should you register for this workshop?

-Discussion of real life case examples of ethical dilemmas

-Expert guidance on how to avoid unethical practice

-Understanding Universal Ethical Codes Of Conduct

-Discussion of Core Ethical Principles in Indian Context

-Learn how to engage in ethical decision making






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