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Next Batch Starting 22nd April

An extensive program which aims at providing opportunities to practice the critical counseling & listening skills.

This training is for all those who are starting off as psychologists or already have their own practice or are interested in the field of psychology…

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Basic Counseling Skills Training 

Do the following things apply to you?
– You are from a background of psychology or allied fields and want to be a mental health professional.

– You are looking for a space to practice and enhance your skills.

– You are/want to be in a role that brings you into contact with distressed people.

– You’re/want to be in a role where understanding people through listening to them can help them and you.

– You’re interested in and intrigued by people in a general way.

– People seem to turn to you for advice.

– You gain satisfaction from helping someone who talks to you about being distressed, vulnerable, or worried.

If you answered ‘yes’, then this training is for you!

Mindscape is launching the 6th Batch of the ‘Basic Counseling Skills Training’. This training will not only help you in honing their counseling skills, but also provide you an experience of working as a listener helper, wherein you can apply what you have learnt.

A sneak peak into the training-
-Diving Into The World of Basic Counseling Skills- Through this training, along with building on your existing knowledge of counseling skills, we will introduce you to the microskills of therapy and take you through, how to start the counseling session, how to conduct your sessions and most importantly understand how to terminate a session.

– Supervised Practice Sessions- This program will give you hands-on experience in learning a multitude of skills an effective listener helper needs to have mastery over. Our focus is not on giving only theoretical knowledge, but creating a space where you can practice the skills of counseling extensively. We will have mock sessions which will be supervised by your mentors and you will be getting extensive feedback on your growth and areas of improvement.

– Conducting Listener Helper Sessions– We don’t believe in limiting our learning in the classroom set-up. Hence, after completing the extensive skills training and evaluation, you will get a chance to practice as a listener helper and work with real clients

For any other query call us at 8800712651 or whatsapp at 8130498441!

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