Basic Counseling Skills Training + Internship Program

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Ready to kickstart your counseling career?

Basic Counseling Skills Training that includes supervised listening sessions, so you can hone your basic counseling skills while gaining real-world experience. With our guidance, you’ll be on your way to helping clients achieve their goals and improve their well-being.

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Basic Counseling Skills training & Internship Program

Get ready to launch your counseling career with our comprehensive training program! Train with us and develop your basic counseling skills through supervised listening sessions. With our expert guidance, you’ll be equipped to start seeing clients and making a difference in their lives

Highlights of the program

  • Get trained into the basic listening sequence of counseling
  • Practical exposure of conducting listening sessions
  • Experience of learning in a private therapy setting
  • Introduction to major psychotherapeutic techniques of CBT & SFBT
  • Understanding & in-depth analysis of cases
  • Conduct Listening sessions under supervision.
  • Mock sessions and role plays
  • Networking and growth opportunities
  • Undertake individual project work*
Group/ Individual Registration

Group of 3, group of 4, Individual

Hour Wise Program

BCST(60Hrs), BCST+ ACST(120Hrs), BCST+ ACST+ Internship(240Hrs)

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