Let’s CLAP- A Social-Emotional Learning Initiative


Academics is not enough to power through the obstacles of life

It’s time to give your child the power to strive

Let’s CLAP

-Create– bring your ideas to life, creative thinking, imagine & innovate, brainstorm ideas

-Learn– Learning how to learn, effective communication skills, relationship etiquettes, working in a team

-Adapt– becoming resilient, emotional regulation, adjustment & cooperation

-Problem-Solve– critical thinking, logical decision making, finding a logical solution to the problem, responsible risk taking

Next Kick-starter Session on:

29th April, Saturday, 5:00-6:30 PM

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Build your child’s inner world to help them succeed in school, career, and life

5 Social-Emotional Learning Competencies:

  • Self-awareness: the ability to recognize one’s strengths and limitations with a sense of confidence and purpose
  • Self-management: the ability to manage one’s feelings and behavior, including handling stress
  • Social awareness: the ability to understand the perspectives of others, including those from diverse backgrounds
  • Relationship skills: the ability to communicate clearly, listen actively, and work collaboratively to problem solve
  • Responsible decision-making: the ability to evaluate the benefits and consequences of various actions

1 Month Summer Camp

Sessions will be held four times a week in the evenings

Open for age groups 5-10 years

Available Online & Offline

“There’s more to learning than just reading, writing, and arithmetic. The emotional needs of a child are just as important as the academic ones”

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1 Month Summer Classes, 15 Days Summer Classes, Weekend Classes


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